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f87v – more nards

Continuing my search of the EVA word “oldar”, I found that this word appears also on page f87v. I find this very interesting: In an earlier post I commented on the confusion about which plant actually represents the ‘nard’ or … Continue reading

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Folio 34v – musk root

The Spikenard (Nardostachys jatamansi) is also known as ‘musk root’, because of its musky smell. This opens up more possiblities for a match of the animal shape of the roots: musk deer. There are multiple tales of how the musk … Continue reading

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Folio 34v – continued

So why this bother to find out about the animal shapes of the roots in the manuscript? Well, the idea is to find the plant’s name that the author used. Plants are known by many names in many languages, so … Continue reading

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Animal roots – folio 34v

The Voynich illustrations contain a number of plants with roots that are drawn in animal form. This is very interesting, since it might yield a clue to the identity of the plant that’s being depicted and it’s possible that the … Continue reading

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