f87v – more nards

Continuing my search of the EVA word “oldar”, I found that this word appears also on page f87v. I find this very interesting:

In an earlier post I commented on the confusion about which plant actually represents the ‘nard’ or ‘spikenard’ of old herbals. On this folio are two pictures of plants that actually bear a good resemblance to some of those plants: Valeriana celtica (or Spikenard itself) and Valeriana officinalis or Ferula sumbul. The confusion existed already in the time of Dioscorides.
It’s nothing strange in old herbals that more than one plant is depicted on a page as varieties of a ‘kind’. For example, this page of the Ms2 (University of Vermont) shows no less than 14 “Lunaria”-plants.

The arabic name ‘sumbul’ or ‘sunbul’ which I mentioned earlier also could apply to these plants.

The plants of f87v are depicted is a much more naturalistic way than the plant on folio f34v. This is something that can be seen in other old herbals too. I would like to point to Ms2 again for comparison. Multiple representations of a plant are show on one page are shown here; some are naturalistic and some more schematic or thematic. I think this shows support for the theory that the Voynich manuscript is indeed a herbal which was compiled using one or more existing examples.

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