More identifications

The next folio is f14r. I would like to suggest one of the Curcuma species for this one (Turmeric and other plants). It’s tempting to go for a water plant or marsh plant for this image, because of the shape of the roots. However, the only plant that resembles this image is Barclaya and there are no medicinal properties listed for this plant. That’s why I find it hard to identify the folio with Barclaya. The root is a good fit for Curcuma, though. The leaf shape and the way they sprout from the root are a rather good fit too. The flower head on the image matches the inflorescens of Curcuma, if one compares it to one of the varieties with pink or purple bracts. Some varieties even have red leaf stems.
Also, many Curcuma species have strong medicinal properties.

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  1. Apparently you have abandoned your blog, sorry. I find your ideas on aromatic herbs very just. You are undoubtedly on the right track.

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