Since a year or two I count myself as a Voynich enthousiast. It’s truely an amazing document and it cries out to be better understood by us! I still believe that this isn’t an impossible task. Every time I study the pages I notice new things and spend happy hours tracking information on the web. And now I think it is time to start sharing my findings.

I have a background in botany and so naturally the focus for my studies is the plants. It took a while to get adjusted to the representations of the plants in the manuscripts. Some of them depict the plant quite naturally, like the Viola on f9v. Others give a much more schematical interpretation of the plant, or highlight certain details. This was, however, not particular for the author of the manuscript. The different styles can for instance also be seen in  MS 2 of the University of Vermont Library. Keeping this in mind, I think that many images contain enough clues to identify them. I’ll be keeping track of my studies in this blog.

Happy reading!


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